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Hello sunshine!

Shrug in a bag on horseback

Please visit us and try our new shrug-in-a-bag...

For holidays, for walkers, riders, runners, dancers...

Our shrug in a bag will go with you wherever you go. Wear it when you need a bit more warmth - picnic stops, or just when the sun goes in.

  • Lightweight warmth when you need it
  • Soft, small and packable
  • Natural climate control
  • Wool is warm when it's cool and releases heat when it's hot

Great for holidays, pic-nics and hikes, cafe stops and mountain bikes!

Buy online.

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Sad news

Makepiece shop Hebden Bridge

Buxton shop closes

We're very sorry to announce that we have closed our Buxton store. Thank you so much for your support over the last year. We've had a difficult time of it and after a long hard think we've concluded that we need to concentrate on selling over the internet.
It's been a rollercoaster year, with the shock at our Hebden Bridge shop being sold last summer and the move within Hebden simply not working. We were worried at the time as our plans were based on two shops - but they were too advanced to change so we persevered and gave it everything we had. But despite all our efforts we have had to admit defeat. Our business model will not work with just one shop in Buxton. Our customers have been lovely and we've made so many new friends, but it's just not taken enough money to service the loans we took out to expand, or to put a manager into it so that we're not driving a long distance commute (with all the environmental implications we've tried to avoid in the rest of our business!). It's also meant we've not been able to develop the new products we love creating. We gave it a year to work - under much more pressure than we'd anticipated - and it's just not made it.
So, from here on in, we'll be online (as ever) and at our studio for fittings. We hope that this will give us a chance to develop new products and the way we work, so look out for new collections, courses and lines.
We're looking for pop up opportunities as well - we love seeing people trying on our clothes and we'll miss you if we don't see you at all.

Knitted wedding dresses, shrugs and boleros

Knitted wedding dresses, shrugs and boleros

Perfect simple wedding dresses and stunning accessories

Our beautiful knitted wedding dress range is just the thing for brides who are looking for a really unique wedding gown. These dresses are simple, graceful and beautiful, a far cry from the ordinary. We design and make complex and intricate knits, simple wedding dresses and also wedding dresses with sleeves. They're knitted in British wool and made to measure for a perfect fit. 

Makepiece shrugs and wraps are brilliant little pieces for those who need a little extra layer, to cover their arms or to warm their dress for a winter wedding. We make several designs of shrugs and boleros - delicate cream shrugs, a cute little bolero shrug for those who want a longer back. Our tiny knitted felted jackets and knitted capes add to the options.

Knitted wedding dress in British wool

NEW! Makepiece wedding

This beautiful dress joins our collection - a classic shape with a subtle bustle. 

Bridesmaids knitted wedding shrugs

We can make bespoke shrug too - knitted and dyed to fit bridesmaids, flower girls and maids of honour.

Let us know what you need!