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Edgeway wedding cardi-shrug £85

Sheer, open knit cardi-shrug bolero to keep off the chill and frame the bride's dress

Wedding shrugs : Edgeway knitted cardi-shrug bolero

A delicate open knitted cardi-shrug bolero with a slightly longer back for spring weddings and to cover arms and shoulders if the sun goes in. 

Our shrug design is very open at the front - perfect to frame the bride's dress whilst keeping off the chill.

This knit is very sheer and open, making it suitable for summer weddings. 

It covers and flatters arms and shoulders whilst still showing off your dress. The extra length at the back makes this cardi-shrug a flattering choice for brides with curves and a fuller figure.

Knitted in soft semi-lustrous fine spun natural undyed wool embellished with mohair details.


Depth of back: 45-50cm / 18-20"

* measurements from nape of neck as worn for guidance - dimensions will vary when worn from person to person

Available in small, medium and large.

Pale cream


Makepiece knitwear is knitted and handcrafted in the Pennine town of Todmorden to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Made in Britain - from sheep to chic.


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  • Edgeway knitted wedding cardi-shrug
  • Edgeway knitted wedding cardi-shrug